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Growing your business with inbound marketing

Growing Your Business with Inbound Marketing

This Article was brought to my attention by Clare @ S&H Blinds & Floors

In the Article "Growing Your Business with Inbound Marketing" on fcnews.net Link to full article. Writer Lisbeth Calandrino explains "how inbound marketing is used to connect and convert consumers to customers."

Lisbeth say "At the base of this process is content. Inbound marketing is relatively new but the difference between it and outbound marketing is very clear. Outbound or interruption marketing is what most businesses practiced in the old days. The idea is to stay in front of your customers at all costs, whether they like it or not. This includes the use of newspapers, TV, radio, billboards, etc.

Contrast this with inbound or pull marketing, which engages the customer. This is also called permission-based marketing, where the customer downloads a white paper or something else of interest or subscribes to a blog. The primary tool for inbound marketing is content. You’ve heard “content is king” and you’re probably tired of hearing that you have to blog. Sorry but blogging is powerful."

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